This Flexible approach attempts to integrate World of Work with Advanced University level studies while utilizing permissible advanced techniques like e-learning, audio, video, lectures, MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses) and more. The system planned is Student Centric and attempts to harmonise Work, Study and Family Life. In the initial stages MOOCS hosted on MHRD GOI supported portals like SWAYAM and NPTEL are being integrated with regular courses up to 20% as planned by UGC regulations. These are full fledged courses offered by eminent faculties whose credits upon completion are taken into MU records as equivalent credits.

NPTEL is the National Program on Technology Enabled learning where recorded classrooms from institutions have been loaded and free access is provided to students, who want to learn similar technologies including its own LMS will be deployed by MU to do Web in arsenal broadcast audio lectures using its CRS. Thus with Judicious use of TEL and flexibility in scheduling Classes MU hopes to offer a UGC mandated CBCS where after completing requisite credit hours students can get certificates, Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, Bachelor’s degrees, PG Qualifications with diverse choices of electives. It is envisaged that registration submission of assignments will be online Alessandro to Digitised journals, Digital libraries will be provided. Flexible entry and exit and re-entry will be permitted. MU will within the frameworks of UGC and other statutory bodies stipulations will provide the most Flexible and technology enabled Programs at affordable prices. There would be 2 admission cycles in a year

The F-TEL approach has taken the cue from recent change in UGC policy of allowing use of MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses) up to 209% of courses. MU has devised e-oriented curricula keeping Policy parameters in mind. MU besides well written text will deploy Webinars, audio and video lectures and online journals. The delivery of curriculum includes classroom inputs, work exposure and the quality time at home. Therefore the physical presence of the candidate in campus may enjoy marginal advantages. The advanced technology & enabled learning and the policy changes with UGC & MHRD facilitate this flexibility. In accordance with this thought the class work for student is stipulated the programs only from the post lunch sessions on Friday till the evening Sunday on all working weeks. Programs follow CBCS system and after completion of stated credits students can claim a Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Bachelors or Masters degree as the case may be. There will be two admission cycles in a year and a student can exit after a certification and return again to complete rest of the credits. Initially, MOOCS through MHRD funded and UGC APPROVED PORTALS subsequently MU will Web Cast its own course support with audio counselling over MU managed Community station. Flexibility in delivery systems and application of technology has impelled the faculty to give the pedagogy the Acronym of F-TEL (Flexible technology Enabled Learning).